Rehabilitation Program

Care & Rehab inpatient Rehabilitation Program supports your transition from hospital to home. Once discharged from Care & Rehab’s Rehabilitation Program, our Barron WI & Ostrander MN location also offers Rehabilitation transportation and an Outpatient Therapy program.
Care & Rehab’s therapy team’s main focus is to help restore your physical and/or mental function in as short a time period as possible. Our extensive experience, alongside a care plan tailored to promote function and independence, helps guide you to your goal. The links below will expand to show you some of the rehab services we offer.

The links below will expand to show you what our program offers:

Post-Surgical Therapy

Participating in a therapy program following any surgical procedure helps to increase strength and mobility more quickly, decreases pain and reduces overall recovery time. Our expert therapists coordinate care with the patient’s physician to create an individualized program, leading to restoration of the maximum level functioning for the patient.

Joint Replacement Therapy

Joint replacement therapy provides comprehensive and effective physical therapy before and after surgery. Our therapists work to prepare the patient for surgery by increasing his/her strength. This greatly reduces recovery time and improves the overall success of the surgery. Postoperative therapy helps patients to recover their mobility by gaining confidence in the use of the new joint and its function.

Neurological Therapy

People who have suffered disease or injury to the brain or spine experience significant limitations. Neurological therapy facilitates improvement of these functional abilities, along with the overall well being of the patient. Our skilled therapists assist the patients in attaining their highest level of functioning, thereby achieving a maximum level of independence. (Research has shown that through rehabilitation, a person’s uninjured brain or spinal cord cells have the ability to learn to control the functions of those cells that have been damaged.

Occupational Therapy

As a result of age or illness, common tasks such as dressing or bathing can become difficult and interfere with activities of daily living. Occupational therapy helps people to maintain, or regain, their ability to participate in the routines they need to do to maintain their independence. Our customized program helps to improve the ability to adapt to new limitations and to continue to participate in every day life.

Orthopedic Therapy

Orthopedic therapy is designed to work with a person’s system of muscles, tendons, ligaments, bones, joints and the associated tissues that move the body and help maintain its form. Care & Rehab therapists work with patients to aid with flexibility, increase range of motion and create solutions to improve posture and overall body strength.

Outpatient Therapy

Outpatient therapy provides therapeutic intervention to people of all ages following surgery, illness or injury when hospitalization or 24-hour nursing care is not required.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is designed for people who have experienced a loss of strength or an increase in pain. Our therapists focus on improving range of motion and stamina through strength training, manipulation and education. Benefits of physical therapy include decreased pain and increased energy, which lead to greater independence for the patient.

Restorative Therapy

Restorative therapy provides residents with passive and active range-of-motion exercises to improve or maintain mobility and independence. Care and Rehab staff members utilize person-specific functional maintenance programs to help our residents maintain a high quality of life. The rehab team works closely with the therapy department to administer these programs effectively. It is our goal to see on-going improvement with each resident, each day.

Speech Therapy

Speech therapy provides treatment to manage and prevent speech, language and swallowing disorders. Our therapists and patients work together to improve overall speech function, eating and drinking safety, as well as enhancing their ability to communicate effectively with family, friends and doctors.

Sports Medicine

Sports medicine is a form of physical therapy designed to prevent and manage sports- or exercise-related injuries. Our knowledgeable therapists provide insightful education on the prevention of sports and exercise related injuries. They also examine, assess and effectively treat any injuries that do occur in order to reduce pain, restore flexible movement and increase range of motion.

Stroke Therapy

The goal of stroke therapy is to improve function so the stroke survivor can become as independent as possible. For patients who are stable, it is critical to begin rehabilitation as soon as possible after the stroke has occurred. We offer a stroke therapy regimen that consists of physical, occupational and speech therapy applied in a manner that preserves dignity and motivates the patient to relearn basic skills that the stroke may have taken away.

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We offer a home for all!

We are committed to providing an environment in which all people are treated with kindness, dignity and respect, no matter their physical impairment or mental condition.

Memory Care Support

Providing warm, familiar surroundings of home can play an important role in managing loved ones with Alzheimer’s memory care.  Offering a range of memory care services for individuals and families impacted by the disease.

Rehabilitation Therapy

We focus on helping our patients regain life skills and learn new ways to do tasks. Our comprehensive programs address each patient’s personal goals.

Patient/Family Education

Support through resources, training and educating family caregivers to deal with challenging behaviors. Providing techniques and coping strategies for loved ones to deal with challenging behaviors.

24hr Skilled Nursing

Focused on Improving or maintaining functional abilities, to help integrate healthy habits and safety awareness into developing positive independence.