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Who are we? Our name says it all!



We provide 24-hour Skilled Nursing services administered and supervised by licensed nurses, support personnel and certified nursing assistants.  In Addition,  on campus Assisted Living, Independent Living and Secure Memory Care is at some of our locations. This “continuum of care” allows for the convenience of healthcare and support services in one location where residents can easily transfer from one care setting to another, based on their individual needs.


We support your transition from hospital to home. Our therapy team’s main focus is to help restore your physical and/or mental function in as short a time period as possible. Whether accessed on an inpatient or outpatient basis, our extensive experience, alongside a care plan tailored to promote function and independence, helps guide you to your goal. 

Our Choice is to seek continuous guidance from the Holy Spirit by committing ourselves to being a compassionate presence for all creation. A friendly staff dedicated to helping each person demonstrates genuine care for our residents and patients daily, whether in our care on a short-term or long-term basis.

Nursing students look over files during a practical exercise

We strive to maximize independence and quality of life for every resident and patient, including those impaired by cognitive or physical limitations due to illness or injury. At each facility we blend close supervision with daily, purposeful activities and amenities in a home-like, comfortable environment. We also offer the latest technology to keep each person safe and secure, including specialized services for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

We are committed to providing an environment in which all people are treated with kindness, dignity and respect, no matter their physical impairment or mental condition. We are committed to keeping each facility ranking at the top of any ratings, comparison or review lists for our industry. This is a standard we strive to uphold. As a team, we will continue to enhance our services, environment and programs to keep our patients, residents and their family’s needs fulfilled.

Multiple Locations

Care & Rehab is family owned and together we work to create the strongest professional environment for you. With the strength of multiple locations, you can trust the leadership and support. Care & Rehab Cares for your entire family.

We offer a home for all!

We are committed to providing an environment in which all people are treated with kindness, dignity and respect, no matter their physical impairment or mental condition.

Memory Care Support

Providing warm, familiar surroundings of home can play an important role in managing loved ones with Alzheimer’s memory care.  Offering a range of memory care services for individuals and families impacted by the disease.

Rehabilitation Therapy

We focus on helping our patients regain life skills and learn new ways to do tasks. Our comprehensive programs address each patient’s personal goals.

Patient/Family Education

Support through resources, training and educating family caregivers to deal with challenging behaviors. Providing techniques and coping strategies for loved ones to deal with challenging behaviors.

24hr Skilled Nursing

Focused on Improving or maintaining functional abilities, to help integrate healthy habits and safety awareness into developing positive independence.

Our Executive Team

The entire Executive team is focused on the same mission at Care & Rehab. Together we are a family and work as a team.

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Career Opportunities

Become part of the Care & Rehab family without being a patient.  Care & Rehab is family owned and we treat everyone like you would like to be treated!
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